Irish Whistle Lessons
Get 26 Irish Whistle Tunes Under Your Belt!
Build a solid foundation and master playing technique, all while learning the very best tunes for the tin whistle. Not only will you have the right tunes to bring to your local session - you’ll be able to play them effortlessly. 

Learn the right ornamentation to make each tune sound great and to transform your playing! We guarantee you’ll be the envy of every whistle player when you wow them with your new skills. 
The Change Begins Here
Challenge yourself to become the best tin whistle player you can be and we’ll help you every step of the way. We guarantee that these tin whistle lessons will equip you with all the necessary skills and tools you need to sound good right from your very first note. Now imagine how good you’ll sound upon completing the entire course!

We’ll help you to establish a good practice routine that will help you reach the next stage of playing in record time.
This course is the perfect introduction not only to the tin whistle but also to the world of traditional Irish music. Allow us to immerse you in the rich history and culture of the music of our ancestors. You’ll be welcomed with open arms into this musical community.

Follow our expert guidance and experience a musical transformation like no other. 
Not only do I make whistles but I’ve been playing and teaching people to play whistles for over 20 years.
"I've developed a unique teaching method called the Sound First Framework based on my extensive experience both as a teacher and a professional musician and I can’t wait to share it with you and watch you grow into a fully fledged traditional Irish musician."
Tin Whistle Musician, Maker And Teacher
John O'Brien
"John has developed an extraordinary method which has you learning fast but without compromising technique and style. I can safely say that if you follow these lessons, you’ll have all the tools you need to join any Irish session, anywhere."
Musical Director/ Musician / Arranger / Producer
David Hayes
"There is any number of ways you can make progress with these lessons, but you're always making progress, even in one lesson you're always making progress "
David Hayes

Unlock the Secrets of the Tin Whistle 

Be captivated by real-life success stories and experience the joy of mastering this timeless instrument! Watch this testimonial video below and see how our course has empowered people just like you to master the whistle! 🌟🎵 #UnleashYourInnerMusician

From Irish Whistle Amateur To
Here's What You'll Discover:

From Zero To Hero ✔

This complete lessons package will teach you everything you need to know to take you from total beginner to tin whistle master. Under John’s expert guidance you’ll graduate to the next stage of playing in record time! 

Fast Track Your Musical Journey ✔

A chance for the truly motivated to challenge themselves in fun and exciting ways.  You’ll be transformed into a competent, confident player, safe in the knowledge that you’ve learned from the best and mastered all the right techniques.

From Whistle Novice To Whistle Master ✔

Become more than just a tin whistle player. Develop musicianship skills and musical literacy that will take your playing to the next level. Learn how to express yourself musically. Move beyond the notes and explore what it truly means to be a musician.

From Beginner To Expert ✔

Join the ranks of the greats and open up a whole new world of music making. Unlock an unparalleled sense of achievement in setting and meeting your goals. Join an exclusive club of technically brilliant tin whistle players who have truly mastered their instrument!
Transform Your Playing & Musical Ability
"Never before has music been so important. It is a balm for the troubled mind. And with learning and playing music the only scientifically proven way of halting brain decline, this course will be life-changing for many people” - Paraic McNeela

It’s Time To Free Your Inner Musician And Finally Do What You’ve Been Promising Yourself For Years.
Transform Your Playing & Ability

Beginner Course

Our Beginner Course will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to sound good right from your very first note. In fact, you’ll be session ready in just ten weeks! Learn everything you need to know about the tin whistle, including basic technique and ornamentation and your first six session tunes.

Intermediate Course

Our Intermediate Course promises to help you unlock your inner musician. Develop your musicianship skills, unlock musical literacy, master advanced ornamentation and of course, learn the best session tunes going. After just ten short weeks, you won’t even recognise your playing!

Advanced Course 

Finally, for the truly motivated, there’s our Advanced Course. These lessons are suitable for even the most experienced whistle players - we guarantee you’ll learn something new! The final series in our tin whistle course will transform you into a master tin whistle player, while challenging you in fun and exciting ways.
Special LIFETIME Offer: 
Regular Price: €35/$40 per month
per month (*billed in euro)
  • Instant Access to our complete Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Whistle Courses 
  • ​​30 Immersive Traditional Irish Whistle Lessons
  • ​World-class whistle tuition with John O’Brien of Riverdance
  • ​Using the Exclusive Sound First Framework method
  • ​Live the Irish session experience with our unique Session Practice Player
  • ​Build a comprehensive Session Repertoire with 26 session tunes
  • ​Access exclusive Bonus Materials
  • ​Complete Preparation for joining an Irish session with confidence
  • ​Fully Portable Lessons so you can learn whenever and wherever suits you
  • ​No Contract, Cancel Anytime.
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